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Vw Touran Golf 5 Flying Two Mass Of Inertia Bls Bxe Bkc 1.9

Vw Touran Golf 5 Flying Two Mass Of Inertia Bls Bxe Bkc 1.9

Vw Touran Golf 5 Flying Two Mass Of Inertia Bls Bxe Bkc 1.9    Vw Touran Golf 5 Flying Two Mass Of Inertia Bls Bxe Bkc 1.9
Match the reference to the original spare and photos with your old room, otherwise it won't hold! Vw touran golf 5 flying two mass of inertia bls bxe bkc 1.9. This product sheet has been automatically translated.

If you have any questions, please contact us. Vw - audi - seat - skoda.

More than 14,500 auto parts in store. Your partner for more than 13 years. Compare the original spare number and photos with your old room, otherwise it won't fit! A two-mass steering wheel with clutch (see photos for the condition) and the pressure tray of a vw touran bj.

2005 1.9 tdi 77kw. Do you have any questions about the relevance of the article?

Is the spare part really suitable for my vehicle? Please provide the full spare number. Reference number (s) oe/ oem and compare the photos with your old room, and write down the information in the description. If you are unsure of the accuracy of the adjustment, please contact us or inquire at a specialist workshop! This is the only way to get the right spare part quickly. Use and possibly small traces of wear and, of course, slight scratches/stone shards on the body and interior parts are always present on the parts used. If original coin numbers (oe numbers) are shown, you will find them above under the reference number (s). All the coin numbers shown here - possibly. Letters are most likely compatible/identical to each other and adapted to the proposed spare. But of course, this cannot be guaranteed! Specified numbers do not necessarily have to be on the offer or delivered a spare part, but also extracted from the parts catalog. Contact us if you have any questions. Engines/transmissions are sold without additional parts, for example without an injection pump, turbocharger, steering wheel, alternator, servo-pump, etc. Body parts are also produced without locks, windows, window lifts, etc. As a general rule, all parts are sold without accessories.

All wear parts such as notched belts, water pumps, clutches, inertia ruffles, etc. Must always be renewed in advance. The photo may differ slightly from the part delivered, but of course it is in the same condition!

Christian wulfhorst car recycling is a certified 12-year-old car recycler at 34434 one-eyed. It's between paderborn and kassel, a44 warburg exit. With us, you will find second-hand spare parts, developed and tested from the vw - audi - seat - skoda brands from around. We have been represented here for over 12 years.

We are also constantly interested in buying vehicles of all types and brands (including those damaged). Just give us your vehicle. Of course, we will also have your \"old\" professionally, of course free and with a certificate of elimination. You don't have to wait long for your spare! We always process shipping as quickly as possible and most spare parts leave after payment is received until about 10 a. Our warehouse on the same day (Mon-Fri). As a general rule, shipping is done by dhl, for larger parts from about. 1.10 m long or from a weight of more than 31 kg, shipping is done via gls. Some body parts and pallet products, for example.

Engines and gearboxes or parcels of more than 40 kg are sent by a transport agency (please leave a telephone number) and always leave the next day from Monday to Friday, when payment is received before about 12:00 p. This speeds up shipping time in case of a problem and you can make an appointment for delivery. Collection is only possible on a pre-arranged arrangement (usually from 8 a.

Of course, shipping is not only possible in Germany. We ship almost all over the world (according to the article).

Please note that the amount is not immediately credited to our bank account, even with an online transfer! 03g105266ac 03g 105 266 ac. 03g105266bm 03g 105 266 bm. The item \"vw touran golf 5 stealing two mass of inertia bls bxe bkc 1.9\" is on sale since Thursday, January 28, 2021. It is in the category \"auto, motorcycle - parts, accessories -auto parts - transmission systems-engine flying\".

The seller is \"www_autoteile-shop_nrw\" and is located at one-eyed. This item can be shipped to the following country: Europe.
  1. reference number oe/oem: 03g105266ac 03g 105 266 ac
  2. product group: engine part
  3. reference number oe1: original stop puck clutch
  4. editing: before
  5. reference number oe: steering wheel pressure plate
  6. manufacturer part number: vw
  7. fabricant: volkswagen
  8. mark: - unmarked/generic -

Vw Touran Golf 5 Flying Two Mass Of Inertia Bls Bxe Bkc 1.9    Vw Touran Golf 5 Flying Two Mass Of Inertia Bls Bxe Bkc 1.9