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Tuningart Coilovers Vw Golf 4, Bora Variant + 2 + Coupling Bars

Tuningart Coilovers Vw Golf 4, Bora Variant + 2 + Coupling Bars

Tuningart Coilovers Vw Golf 4, Bora Variant + 2 + Coupling Bars    Tuningart Coilovers Vw Golf 4, Bora Variant + 2 + Coupling Bars

Tuningart coilovers vw golf 4, bora variant + 2 + tie rods. This product page has been automatically translated. If you have questions, feel free to contact us. Tuningart wire suspension vw golf 4, bora variants + + 2 tie rods. Thanks to the continuous adjustment of the height of the coil springs, appearance and driving dynamics of the vehicle can be optimally adapted to your own needs compared to a sports suspension lowering to set.

Best improved handling and optics through the center of gravity lower. For the show, can also be lowered to 100 mm without the authorization of the street! Less inclination on an ambitious drive, even when cornering. Height adjustment continuously coilovers, the vehicle can be ideally adjusted in appearance and driving dynamics to own claims against a sports suspension lowering fixed. Pure driving pleasure - a must for all sports drivers with high demands. Specially adapted to your vehicle coilover. Sporty driving with comfort thanks to high quality gas springs. Approximately harder driving characteristics 30% compared with standard suspension. Inclination less ambitious driving in curves. Road improvement and improving the appearance of the center of gravity lower.

Quality components for long life: boxes of galvanized struts, springs powdercoated. Continuously adjustable in height on front and rear axles, even after installation. To display purposes also reduce up to 100 mm possible without street legal! Proven branded product with an excellent quality-price.

With the certification pursuant to Article 19.3 for a smooth Eintragung (geprüfter bereich Technische details). Please refer to the technical details, in particular the specified maximum permissible axle loads. Coilover tuningart including tie rods, compatible with the following vehicles. Audi A3 typ 8l, 96-03 year leon type 1m, seat toledo 01-06 year kind 1m, built 91-99 skoda Type 1u, year 97-12 / 03 VW Bora kind 1d, year 05 / 99-05 vw golf 4 types 1d, year 12 / 98-11 / 03 vw beetle kind 9c, built 01.98. Significant restriction: not suitable for quattro models! Parts Manufacturer: Type tuning material: galvanized steel before maximum permissible axle load: 1030 kg Maximum load per rear axle: 1070 kg tested adjustment 35mm-70mm front and rear coupling rods: depending on model or lowering of bars 'also modified coupling must be used. Part certificate of conformity in accordance with § 19.3. Matching items available in our >>>.

You will also find a large selection optimal already compiled for your vehicle type products. \The seller is \This item can be shipped to the following countries: Europe.

  1. Lowering front axle: Mounting place approx.

    35-70 mm <\/ li>

  2. product group: sport chassis, combined screw, screw frame <\/ li>
  3. Registration: incl. Approval by §19.3 <\/ li>
  4. Package: yes <\/ li>
  5. Registration: required <\/ li>
  6. product type chassis, chassis running deep, developed chassis <\/ li>
  7. corrosion protection: eps powder coating <\/ li>
  8. max. Load axle to the rear axle: 1070 kg <\/ li>
  9. Content delivery: combination nipples, adjusting wrench, tie rods <\/ li>
  10. indication bitte item description notes <\/ li>
  11. Part Number Manufacturer: xtagwvw04-evope001 <\/ li>
  12. max.

    Axle load front axle: 1030 kg <\/ li>
  13. brand: your Technix <\/ li>
  14. material: galvanized steel <\/ li>
  15. Manufacturer: Technix your <\/ li>
  16. direction of damping: gas pressure <\/ li>
  17. location on the vehicle front and rear <\/ li>
  18. rear axle lowering: Mounting place approx. 35-70 mm <\/ li> <\/ Ul>
    Tuningart Coilovers Vw Golf 4, Bora Variant + 2 + Coupling Bars    Tuningart Coilovers Vw Golf 4, Bora Variant + 2 + Coupling Bars