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835,035 Valeo Clutch Kit Man

835,035 Valeo Clutch Kit Man
835,035 Valeo Clutch Kit Man

835,035 Valeo Clutch Kit Man    835,035 Valeo Clutch Kit Man

835,035 Valeo clutch kit man. This product sheet is originally written in English. Please find below an automatic translation in French. If you have questions please contact us. Valeo 835,035 man clutch kit.

Get the right part for the first time. Please note - not to buy Valeo lamp based on the image.

Valeo uses the same image for the left and right lamps, all descriptions. Are suggested in the title and the announcement and are included as if you were.

Sitting in the front seat - if law is in or out. The driver's side and passenger will be left in or out of.

Please ensure you check the notes section in the left panel of compatibility. If in doubt, please notify a reg or not frame or ask so you get the right part the first time. If in doubt, please ask or contact customer services in the business seller information at the bottom of each ad. Products available in the range Valeo. Valeo, your specialist air conditioning. As the world leader and specialist in air conditioning systems and cabin filtration, Valeo offers. His extensive knowledge of the design loops a / c, including all its components. An offer complete aftermarket products. A complete range of garage tools, accessories and consumables. A full range of services: training, technical support, point of sale material, logistical \Driving assistance and parking. Valeo offers a wide range of advanced support systems for driving and parking. The adjustment narrow between these products adds real value to the driving and parking by allowing motorists to use new functions. This range allows everyone to add optional equipment, regardless of the vehicle they are using. Valeo makes and the latest assistive technology to driving and parking much more accessible market.

This range meets the challenges drivers face every day. Security: risk reduction of accidents through a system of alerts. Comfort: improved handling and driving pleasure. Savings Keywords: avoid costly repairs by limiting impacts. Engine Filtration: longevity and precision.

Benefiting from its expertise in equipment original in filters cabin air, Valeo is able to offer a more complete filtration offer with a real range of filters engines meeting the expectations of the aftermarket professionals seeking quality premium that a strong brand can offer. With his extensive knowledge of car care products, Valeo brings a new vision to the engine filtration market.

Valeo, as an expert mechanical security systems, supplies spare parts to the independent aftermarket. The locks or mechanical locks of the steering column are the same as the original ones.

Valeo supports consumer satisfaction as the quality of original equipment guarantees delivery of safe and durable parts for our customers. Valeo, a leading original equipment manufacturers of wiper systems, offers the secondary market a full line of wiper blades and wiper motors.

Valeo supplies wipers to the independent aftermarket and oe market. Valeo maintains its advance through the style and innovative technologies, from the ow technology. Valeo offers a full line of wiper blades in and out in a variety of brands (such as Valeo or swf), which are designed to be attractive, effective, easy to adapt to all types of vehicles depending on the market and country. Valeo is working closely with automakers on future wiping technologies, some being aerodynamic, silent and fit seamlessly with the vehicle's style.

Valeo brings the expertise of a multi-specialist aftermarket every part of the braking system. Brake pads and discs, shoes and kits, hydraulic brake parts and liquid range of Valeo Braking is effective and provides all the services that the professional expects from a brake specialist.

No compromise on quality: more than 90 years as a high-end automotive supplier Valeo has developed its expertise quality. A quality 360 ° approach: choosing the Valeo braking systems, you select a complete premium braking solution you can count on. With a wide coverage of vehicle fleet, the braking Valeo range offers an affordable premium quality.

Quality as a precondition aftermarket needs are very specific. The professional must be 100% dedicated solutions proposed by a true specialist aftermarket. Valeo has developed a dedicated and innovative solution to the secondary market to anticipate future megatrends braking innovative braking Valeo aims to provide superior products everywhere for everyone, anticipating the problem of the secondary market for all parts of its braking range. Valeo offers a wide range of electrical accessories for commercial vehicles.

Valeo, as a key player on the spare parts aftermarket, guarantees the availability of parts for new applications. Valeo offers a complete range of accessories for all types of vehicles. The range is also aligned with the ow requirements. The expertise of a specialist in engine management in oe and the secondary market.

Column switches are multifunctional interface systems between the driver and the vehicle just behind the wheel. Simple turn signals, headlights and windshield wipers to the latest complex technologies in which Valeo is a pioneer. The alternative range of clutch kits, starters, alternators and radiators for cars 10 years and older.

Valeo classic is the economic range of starters, alternators, radiators and clutch kits specifically developed for particular cars 10 years and older. There are currently more than 120 million vehicles on this market segment in Europe, representing 40% of all European cars. The market potential is high and will become even more attractive in the coming years, with the increase in the average age of European vehicles. Repair driver behavior are also moving towards more economical solutions as their older vehicle.

The range Valeo classic fast moving short and has better pricing for economical repair. The sustainability of the products complies with the use of vehicles aged 10 years or more and the assembly is the same as the original products. The range clutch Valeo classic is composed of 32 clutch kits developed by Valeo, based on a rigorous internal r & d and quality standards and target the repair of 45% of European vehicles aged 10 years or more. The range of radiators Valeo classic consisted of 187 references to 65% of d4 / d5 segment. The technical specifications of this range are based on solid experience and ow process Valeo.

Quality control green tags visible in the radiator exchanger classic Valeo confirm the total quality commitment Valeo. Starters and Alternators Valeo classic proven throughout europe from their marketing. Standard exchange products are based on Valeo undisputed expertise for refurbishment of rotating machinery, using environmentally friendly processes and industry standards and the most advanced quality.

With its ow expertise and know-how in engine operation and thermal systems. Valeo is an expert in engine cooling systems and air management.

Valeo to constantly respond to market changes and customer needs into products and services with. New thermal systems solutions, including the latest technologies acquired from ow activity. Over 3 700 items of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles to cover all your needs and engines grouped into 2 offers dedicated loops to maintain consistent performance between products. With a strong leadership in original equipment and over 30 years in refurbishment, Valeo provides the market aftermarket one of the best deals starters and alternators: more than 100,000 starters and alternators per day in the world of production, and it is recognized as a key player in the global market leader in Europe.

A vehicle in three is fitted during manufacture with a machine Valeo. Lighting systems play an important role for the driver and other road users, as over 40% of fatal accidents occur at night, although 20% of all kilometers are conducted at night. In addition to constant innovation safety, Valeo has also developed energy consume less products to help reduce co2 emissions. The Valeo transmission systems mission is to provide a choice for all architectures with innovative powertrain technologies developed to transfer effective and comfortable motor power transmission, while reducing fuel consumption.

All Valeo clutches are manufactured to the highest quality standards of Valeo, which makes them effective Valeo products and reliable and ensures full customer satisfaction. Valeo's expertise in research and development to reduce the noise and vibration of the clutch and driver comfort through better speed changes, offering consumers a smoother ride and more comfortable. Together with the protection of the kinematic chain.

Reliable because Valeo clutches are capable of operating in the harshest operating environments. Guests of Valeo aftermarket benefit from this expertise, rigor and quality of original equipment (oe). A complete solution for recharging your air conditioning loops.

Pure equipment and air conditioning SprayTM provides a clean air supply, fresh and odorless. Seals, hood kit, valve kits, etc. All the components you need to develop an air-conditioning. Cooling oil injection kit, etc. All components necessary for lubrication and leak detection. The ultra-rapid filling station for the cooling circuit. The indispensable tool for a complete evaluation of the headlights and optimally prepared to meet the new requirements for the inspection of vehicles. Effective solution for a rapid assessment of the brake fluid. For more details on the delivery options available to us and costs, please click here. For more details on our return policy, please click here.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss any subject you might have a question. We are proud to quality service and we are happy to answer all your concerns. Add our shop to your favorites and receive email newsletters about new items and special offers. 4p clutch kit vw golf v Passat 1.9TDI. 22.1 x 20.3.

5-man sp 6 sp-man, manual. Conversion from dual-mass flywheel to single-mass flywheel. The item \The seller is \This article can be shipped worldwide.

  1. unit: 15,6kg <\/ li>
  2. additional article / additional info: with clutch pressure plate <\/ li>
  3. outer diameter of 1 [mm]: 228mm <\/ li>
  4. outer diameter [mm]: 228mm <\/ li>
  5. overload (if applicable): 0 <\/ li>
  6. reference number oe / oem: 03g105266al 03g105266ba 03g105266bm 03g105266e <\/ li>
  7. ean: 3276428350356 <\/ li>
  8. clutch: for dual-mass flywheel conversion to the flywheel mass <\/ li>
  9. Unit amount: 1 <\/ li>
  10. Torque [nm]: 60nm <\/ li>
  11. Transmission: 5-sp man, 6-sp man, manual <\/ li>
  12. number of teeth: 28 <\/ li>
  13. manufacturer part number: 835 035 <\/ li>
  14. object status: new <\/ li>
  15. Additional product / info 2_1: with disc clutch <\/ li>
  16. Additional product / info 2_2: with releaser <\/ li>
  17. class product description: Clutch Kit <\/ li>
  18. hub profile 22.1 x 20.3 <\/ li>
  19. Weight [kg]: 15,6kg <\/ li>
  20. Product Description: Clutch Kit 4p vw golf v Passat 1.9TDI <\/ li>
  21. Brand: Valeo <\/ li>
  22. Additional product / info 2: with steering wheel <\/ li>
  23. new section: new section <\/ li> <\/ Ul>

    835,035 Valeo Clutch Kit Man    835,035 Valeo Clutch Kit Man