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Vw Golf 5 R32 03-09 Powerflex Rear Black F. Wbone Rings Nolift + Wheel

Vw Golf 5 R32 03-09 Powerflex Rear Black F. Wbone Rings Nolift + Wheel

Vw Golf 5 R32 03-09 Powerflex Rear Black F. Wbone Rings Nolift + Wheel   Vw Golf 5 R32 03-09 Powerflex Rear Black F. Wbone Rings Nolift + Wheel

Vw Golf 5 r32 03-09 black powerflex f. Wbone NOlift + rear wheel rings.

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Vw golf mk5 r32 (03-09) black series powerflex wishbone Rear anti-lift clearing & pff85-502gblk wheel offset. Powerflex black forehead wishbone rear anti-lift clearing & offset wheel for: vw golf mk5 r32 (03-09). Powerflex Black Series products are track / motorsport oriented only.

For road use purple, yellow and red powerflex bushes are better adapted to standard and modified cars fast. This listing is for 2 black forehead powerflex wishbone bushes rear anti-lift & wheel offset with the part number: pff85-502gblk. This polyurethane bush sinsere in the rear position of the forearm and provides anti-lift and one of the shift of the roulette properties. It is designed to complement pff85 - 501G sinsere that in the forward position of the same arm to provide +/- 0.5 degrees dajustement camber. This section replaces oe number: 1k0199231j, 1k0199232j & 1k0199231k, 1k0199232k, which includes the original support and the rubber bush. To help identify powerflex bush (es) okay, you need, please visit The location farther diagram down the list. Pff85-502gblk 2 is located in the diagram below. To ensure proper installation, use other specification data above for help. If you are still unsure please feel free to contact us with your uk car registration or chassis number, and we will help you identify the right parts necessary before ordering. We ship powerflex products from around the world. Please contact us for a quote for shipping if your country is not in the list.

We sell all our other powerflex bushes for this model in the fast blue road this series of motorsport black powerflex. It comes of elements such as the wishbone bushes, anti-roll bar bushes, steering rack bushes bumpstops, dessieu bushes and full etc. Bushes are one of the most highly stressed components, mounted on a car. They are under enormous pressure in the toughest conditions without maintenance or lubrication.

Conventional rubber bushes deteriorate with age, allowing movement of the suspension elements and geometry. This can cause wear and tear of tires, instability and poor handling and braking motor deviation. Powerflex bushes black series -designed for track - ready to race - designed to be the best.

Bushes powerflex black series are manufactured using a compound of Shore A 95 to provide maximum control of the geometry of the chassis. This compound can be up to 80% more resistant to load than standard rubber and 25% stiffer than our purple performance hardware. If your needs are purely for handling and chassis performance and ultimate powerflex black series are unique, offering more precise and accurate lalignement your chassis. Performance - developed for ultimate performance using the hardest materials. Accuracy - designed for more precise control of the geometry of the chassis. Practice - manufactured to be easily installed without the need for special tools. We also sell powerflex bushes for every make and model car available. C & r sell a wide range of spare parts and high performance for your VW, Audi, Skoda and seat.

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Vw Golf 5 R32 03-09 Powerflex Rear Black F. Wbone Rings Nolift + Wheel   Vw Golf 5 R32 03-09 Powerflex Rear Black F. Wbone Rings Nolift + Wheel