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Turbocharger Vw Bora IV Golf 4 1j 1.8 T 1.8t Gti

Turbocharger Vw Bora IV Golf 4 1j 1.8 T 1.8t Gti

Turbocharger Vw Bora IV Golf 4 1j 1.8 T 1.8t Gti   Turbocharger Vw Bora IV Golf 4 1j 1.8 T 1.8t Gti

Atp-autoteile - autoersatzteile & zubehör. 180 days right of return. Faq - Frequently Asked Questions.

Please, look at the fitting of the compressor nozzle. The turbocharger has been modified by vw. In case your connection is different, you will find the suitable turbocharger under the vehicle type table in our other articles.

1x turbocharger 1x seal (see picture). It is imperative to take into account possible limitations in the table of vehicle types!

Please, take into account before the purchase the motor code indicated in the table! You will find an explanation of the engine code under: point 1.6 of our faq. Turbocharger type of loading: turbofan.

Nine: it is not a used room refurbished. No deposit or exchange, no shipping of the used part at the expense of the buyer, no anxious waiting for refund of the deposit!

Our promise of quality: 3 years warranty on function and accuracy of fit ... Quality product - new - fully assembled. 180 days guaranteed return free return. You will find our conditions of return in our information for the customers.

Please note that you will receive your invoice from us in pdf format by email. For this purpose, please check your mailbox and possibly your spam folder. By saving consumables such as paper and ink / toner, valuable environmental resources will be preserved. In addition, you no longer have the effort to store, store and search your bill.

Caution: Important information for mounting a turbocharger. In order to avoid any errors in mounting, Lapièce24 recommends that the new turbocharger be installed by a specialized workshop. It is necessary to check whether the causes of the failure and damage of the old turbocharger have been ruled out.

Before starting to assemble the new turbocharger, check the cleanliness and tightness of adjacent parts. When you change the turbocharger, also replace the engine oil, the oil filter and the air filter! Before fitting the duct, please fill the turbocharger completely by pouring the clean motor oil into the supply duct. Change all oil pipes and flanges and seals.

For certain items, you must also change the heat exchanger according to the installation instructions. Before commissioning, check the tightness of all oil, gas and air ducts. It is absolutely necessary to clean the air supply and exhaust system as well as the intermediate heat exchanger.

The system must not contain any chips, dirt, corrosion, oil or foreign matter. After mounting the turbocharger, you must restart the engine, let it idle for about 30 seconds and then gradually increase the speed.

It is important to note that the warranty and responsibility of the room24 are not engaged if the turbocharger is mounted without respecting the assembly instructions and if this causes damage. Please note the restrictions indicated in the table. 12.96 - 05.03.

12.98 - 05.03. 10.98 - 05.03. 10.98 - 06.06. 09.02 - 06.06.

09.05 - 06.06. 10.99 - 06.06.

01.01 - 06.06. 02.00 - 06.06. 1.8 t cupra r. 01.04 - 02.08.

Engine Code: bbu or engine code: blz. 12.03 - 05.08. Engine Code: bjx engine code: bkv.

08.97 - 12.10. 05.01 - 05.06. Skoda octavia i combi (1u5). 07.98 - 12.10. 05.02 - 05.05.

08.97 - 06.05. 08.01 - 06.05. Vw new beetle convertible (1y7). 01.03 - 09.10. Vw new beetle (9c1, 1c1).

10.99 - 09.10. Engine code: awv or engine code: awu or engine code: avc or engine code: aph.

1.8 gti cup edition. 05.06 - 11.09. Corresponds to the following oe numbers. 1x 20 ml reinzoadd lubricant turbocharger mos2-additive ## product brand distributor pro auto parts ##.

5 liter castrol titanium fst 5w-30 c3 engine oil bmw longlife-04 # quality mark of the German castrol dispenser #. 5l liters 0w-40 a3 / b4 castrol edge fst engine oil bmw longlife-01 ### reinforced by titanium fst ###. 5l liters 10w-40 a3 / b4 castrol magnatec engine oil renault rn0700 / rn0710 ## product brand distributor pro auto parts ##. 1 liter castrol titanium fst 5w-30 c3 motor acea c3 # quality mark of the German castrol dispenser #. 5l liters 5w-40 castrol edge fst turbo diesel engine oil API sn / cf ### reinforced by titanium fst ###.

5l liters 0w-30 castrol edge fst engine oil 0w-30 ### fully synthetic ###. 5l liters 5w-40 c3 castrol magnatec motor oil acea c3 ## branded product distributor pro auto parts ##.

180 days guaranteed return period. Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the seller. You will find our conditions of return in our information intended for the customers. Our service - your advantage! All items are subject to quality control.

Almost all of our suppliers are DIN certified in ISO 9001: 2000. You will find a complete assortment in our boutique lapièce24 by clicking here. See the exclusion list below / see below the exclusion list. A delivery abroad is only possible against payment in advance! Any customs duties will be borne by the buyer.

Note that a delay in delivery may occur due to customs clearance. We do not ship to areas with the following postal codes: 971xx, 97133, 97150, 972xx, 973xx, 974xx, 97500, 976xx, 986xx, 987xx, 98799, 988xx (Guadeloupe, St. Martin, Martinique, Guyana French meeting, Saint-Pierre-and-Miquelon, Mayotte, Wallis and Futuna, French Polynesia, Clipperton Island, New Caledonia). We do not ship to regions with the following postal codes: im (isle of man), gg (guernsey), i (jersey). We do not deliver to the following postcodes: im (isle of man), gg (guernsey), i (jersey).

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Turbocharger Vw Bora IV Golf 4 1j 1.8 T 1.8t Gti   Turbocharger Vw Bora IV Golf 4 1j 1.8 T 1.8t Gti