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Disc Brake Pads Front Rear For Vw Golf VI 5k1 1k1 521 Audi 5m1

Disc Brake Pads Front Rear For Vw Golf VI 5k1 1k1 521 Audi 5m1
Disc Brake Pads Front Rear For Vw Golf VI 5k1 1k1 521 Audi 5m1
Disc Brake Pads Front Rear For Vw Golf VI 5k1 1k1 521 Audi 5m1
Disc Brake Pads Front Rear For Vw Golf VI 5k1 1k1 521 Audi 5m1
Disc Brake Pads Front Rear For Vw Golf VI 5k1 1k1 521 Audi 5m1
Disc Brake Pads Front Rear For Vw Golf VI 5k1 1k1 521 Audi 5m1
Disc Brake Pads Front Rear For Vw Golf VI 5k1 1k1 521 Audi 5m1

Disc Brake Pads Front Rear For Vw Golf VI 5k1 1k1 521 Audi 5m1   Disc Brake Pads Front Rear For Vw Golf VI 5k1 1k1 521 Audi 5m1
Rear front pads brake discs for vw golf vi 1k1 5K1 5M1 521 audi. This product page has been automatically translated. If you have questions, feel free to contact us.

2x Set: 2x front brake discs. 2x set: 2x rear brake disks. 1x set of brake pads (4 pieces, left + right). 1x brakes cleaner Presto 600 ml.

Fitting Position: Front Axle diameter [mm]: thickness of 288 [mm] Brake disc: 25 Minimum thickness [mm]: 22 Height [mm]: diameter of 50 [mm]: 65 number of holes on the rim 5 type of brake disc: ventilated. Number of holes on the rim.

Fitting Position: Rear axle diameter [mm]: thickness 253 of the brake disc [mm]: 10 Minimum thickness [mm]: 7 height [mm]: diameter of 52 [mm]: 65 number of holes on the rim 5 type of disc brake: full. To the right (passenger side) and left (driver side). Brake pads, brake disc: thickness: 20.3 [mm] width: 156.4 [mm] height: = 71.4 [mm] testmark: = with test mark e wear contact with warning: incl.

Wear warning touch wva number: 23587 / 20.3 braking system: ate. 156.4 mm 87 mm. 20.3 mm 17 mm.

71.4 mm 52.9 mm. Number of Wear Indicators [per axis]. Special synthetic lubricant properties for the braking system.

Adhesive extremely resistant to road salts and splashes. Prevents and eliminates noise of brake squeal between the brake caliper piston or stand on the brake pads and linings. Ensures the functioning of the entire brake system and prevents the welding or rust rims of the wheel hub.

Temperature range - 40 ° C to +1200 application for the entire brake system disc brake pads, bolts, pins and the contact points for drum brakes. Release paste for centering rings on aluminum rims, connection points between the wheels and wheel hubs, and other plug connections and screw. The container content: 10 g cushion note plastic Application Note rub the back of the brake pad, the contact surfaces and fasteners.

Do not get on friction surfaces. The brake cleaner Presto suitable for removing oil, grease, dirt and the brake fluid of the brake drum, dust, disks, blocks, pipes, cylinders and clutch parts.

It prevents the screeching of brakes, carefully cleans engines, machines and other items without leaving residues. Quality and high resolving power characteristics leaves no residue does not attack the O-rings and the brake hoses special chemical composition very degreasing and removing the mechanical cleaning water using a spray concentrate does not contain chlorinated hydrocarbon broken down very quickly without non-corrosive residue does not lead powerful jet and directed observe trg 300 physical and chemical data base: aliphatic hydrocarbons color: clear odor: specific weight characteristic at 20 ° C: 0.70 g / ml spray rate : 4.11 g / sec. Vapor pressure at 20 ° C: 5.5 to 6.5 refractive index bar at 20 ° c: 1,398 propellant: carbon dioxide, propane / butane shelf life / storage: 10 years if properly stored = 10 ° -25 ° C, relative humidity of max. 60% / container contents can aerosol cleaners with net environment volume 500ml labeling and its environment: motip dupli products are 100% free from harmful heavy metals. The caps and packaging are made from recyclable materials.

Disposal: do not return the containers completely empty recycling. Bring containers containing remains the point of removal of problematic waste. Labeling: All motip dupli products correspond to the current state of labeling regulations according to Directive 1999/45 / ec. All aerosols are consistent with standards TRGS 200 trg 300 and Directive 75/324 / eec on aerosols in the current version. Instructions Always read and follow carefully the warning texts before use!

Application: bring the room temperature box. Processing temperature of 5 ° to 30 ° C cover painted parts or plastic parts. Shake the can for 2 minutes before use. Evenly spray the surfaces to be treated until no dust.

Treat stubborn dirt with a brush or brush. Turn the power 15 minutes after the treatment (cleaning the brake contains flammable solvents). 1k0698451m; 1k0698151e; 8j0698151; 1j0698451n; 4d0698451d; 6x0698451a; 8e0698451e; 1j0698451h; 6x0698451; 1k0698151c; 1k0698451j; 8e0698451d; 3c0698151a; 5k0698151; 4b0698451; 4b0698451e; 3c0698151; 8e0698451b; 1k0698151. 1h0698451d; 8e0698451a; 8e0698451d; 1j0698451e; 4b0698451; 1j0698451k; 4b0698451e; 1001096; 1j0698451s; 8e0698451; 1j0698451d; 8e0698451b; 8e0698451f; 1j0698451j; 1j0698451c; 425,241; 95wx2m008ba; 1j0698451m; 4d0698451c; 7m0698451; 1j0698451b; 425,223; 425420; 9404252328; 1j0698451g; 1j0698451n; 4d0698451d; 1k0698451c; 6x0698451a; 1j0698451; 425,396; 8e0698451e; 1j0698451f; 1j0698451h; 4b0698451b; 6x0698451.

1k0698151e; 1k0698151c; 1j0698451s; 1j0698451j; 1k0698151; 1j0698451m. 1k0615601k; 9404252328; 1k0698451c; 1j0698451; 1j0698451f; 1k0615301t; 4b0698451b; 1k0698451a; 1h0698451d; 8e0698451a; 4b0698451; 1h0698451a; 1k0615601ab; 8e0698451; 1j0698451d; 5c0615301a; 1j0698451c; 1k0615301k; 4d0698451c. 1j0698451b; 3c0698151a; 5k0698151; 1j0698451g; 1e0698451a; 1k0698151; 3c0698151; 1k0698151e; 3c0698151c; 1j0698451e; 425,467; 8j0698151c; 1e0698451; 1k0698151c; 3c0698151d; 1k0698451a.

These numbers are only for comparative purposes. The articles in this offer are basically not original parts unless they are explicitly marked as such. Are for comparative purposes only and may vary.

All logos, brand names and trademarks used are the property of their owners. All products are tested for quality.

Generally everything in stock - so no waiting time. 24 months warranty on new products. 12 months warranty on used products.

Our service continues to sell the goods for you. 20.3 mm, 17 mm. 50 mm, 52 mm, 71.4 mm, 52.9 mm.

1h0698451a, 1h0698451d, 1j0698451, 1j0698451c, 1j0698451d. 1j0698451, 1j0698451b, 1j0698451c, 1j0698451d, 1j0698451e. 1j0698451f, 1j0698451g, 1j0698451h, 1j0698451j, 1j0698451k.

1j0698451f, 1k0698451a, 1k0698451c, 4b0698451, 4b0698451b. 1j0698451g, 1k0698451a, 425 467; ford: 1001096, 1h0698451d.

1j0698451m, 1j0698451n, 1j0698451s, 1k0698451c, 425223, 425241. 1j0698451m, 1j0698451s; vw: 1k0698151, 1k0698151c, 1k0698151e.

1k0698151c, 1k0698151e, 3c0698151, 3c0698151a, 5k0698151. 1k0698151e; Skoda: 1k0698151, 1k0698151c, 1k0698151e, 1j0698451j. 3c0698151, 3c0698151a, 3c0698151c, 3c0698151d, 5k0698151. 425396, 425420, 4b0698451, 4b0698451b, 4b0698451e, 4d0698451c.

425 396, 425 420; Renault 440607960r, 7701209735; vw / seat. 4b0698451, 4b0698451e, 4d0698451d, 6x0698451, 6x0698451a. 4d0698451c, 8e0698451, 8e0698451a, 9404252328; Audi: 1k0698151.

4d0698451d, 6x0698451, 6x0698451a, 7m0698451, 8e0698451. 8e0698451a, 8e0698451b, 8e0698451d, 8e0698451e, 8e0698451f.

8e0698451b, 8e0698451d, 8e0698451e; seat: 1k0698151, 1k0698151c. 8j0698151, 1j0698451h, 1j0698451n, 1k0698451j, 1k0698451m. 8j0698151c, 1e0698451, 1e0698451a, 1j0698451b, 1j0698451e. 9404252328, 95wx2m008ba; citroën: 425 223, 425 241; Peugeot.

Vag: 1k0615301k, 1k0615301t, 5c0615301a, 1k0615601ab, 1k0615601k. Bremskit, bremssatz, set, satz kit.

Vorne, hinten, rechts (Beifahrerseite) und links (Fahrerseite). The item \\ complete brake kits \The seller is \This item can be shipped to the following countries: america, europe, asia, australia. `Wear exclusively` wear <\/ li>
  • OE8 reference number: 425396, 425420; Renault 440607960r, 7701209735; vw / seat <\/ li>
  • side mounting: front, rear, right (passenger side) and left driver) <\/ li>
  • centering 65 mm <\/ li>
  • diameter [mm]: 288 mm, 253 mm <\/ li>
  • Brake disc thickness: 25 mm, 10 mm <\/ li>
  • brand: qr-share <\/ li>
  • OE4 reference number: 8j0698151, 1j0698451h, 1j0698451n, 1k0698451j, 1k0698451m <\/ li>
  • rim number of holes: 5 -hole <\/ li>
  • manufacturer part number: 1246210 <\/ li> <\/ Ul>
    Disc Brake Pads Front Rear For Vw Golf VI 5k1 1k1 521 Audi 5m1   Disc Brake Pads Front Rear For Vw Golf VI 5k1 1k1 521 Audi 5m1